Are you embracing – or shunning – the winter vibes that are a-coming?

As I lie here in bed, nearly ready to close my eyes and call it a day, I listen as the rain lashes against the windows, and gusts of wind batter the trees outside, and I am reminded of the impermanence of things… This morning – in fact, most of the day – was lovely and sunny, albeit it bracing, for the greater part. And now – the sky is falling in,  and the wind is no doubt prising the last remaining leaves from the trees, when they are only-just-ready to release and let go – allowing the trees to conserve their energy for a season, before bursting forth with new life in the spring!

And so it is with us. We need down-time. Time to pause, to be “dormant”, incubating seeds of ideas or dreams, or maybe simply recuperating or recharging our batteries. We live in a time where our clocks and schedules try to deny us the normal ebb and flow, fluctuations, and seasons of life, or time to pause… Forcing us out of bed well before the crack of dawn on winter mornings,  and persuading us to stay up well after dark – doing chores, getting ready for tomorrow. But we can still make time. Time to listen to our body’s and hear what they’re telling us. Time to quieten and hear the whisper coming from deep within our soul. 

Try slowing down a little – if even for a few deep breaths at the beginning and end of the day.

Try saying “no” for a change (without justifying yourself!) especially at this time of the year when the demands at home and work and the kid’s school can get out of hand.

Try going to bed a bit earlier! 

Try asking for help – from your family, a friend, or even saying a prayer – not everything has to be on YOUR shoulders. You can be a super woman without having to be Superwoman!

Above all, be kind to yourself. Nurture yourself. Mother yourself. And allow Mother Nature to mother you too. 

For now, I will enjoy – even indulge myself in the “hug” that winter offers – with ourselves, with others. And that chance to reflect, to plan, and to restore! 2020 will be upon us before we know it, and the chance to create anew!

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